2013 June 01   |  
Driver Welcomes Noreen's Kitchen

Driver is excited to announce the addition of Noreen's Kitchen to our network.  Noreen Lambert started her YouTube channel on a whim one snowy North Carolina afternoon. From that first video, she has created over 900 to date! Her passion for cooking, gardening, crafting and home arts shows through in everything she does. Noreen grew up in the kitchen, at the knee of her pastry chef mother, and two old world grandmothers who taught her much of what she knows. She is a dedicated wife to her husband Rick and mother to two teenage daughters who often join her in the kitchen and help prepare whatever is on the menu for the day. 

Noreen believes that everyone should know how to make a meal for themselves and/or their families. As a firm believer that homemade is always better, she demonstrates and shares how easy it is to make delicious, nutritious meals at home and on a budget! Noreen is also an avid home canner, making her own jams, jellies and preserves from home grown veggies and fruits direct from her own garden. She loves learning, sharing and teaching about cooking and creating a better life for herself and her family.