2013 June 20   |  
Driver Welcomes New Vice President of Digital Strategy

Driver is excited to announce the hire of Michael Harbolt, our new Vice President of Digital Strategy. Michael comes to us from media companies including the Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Scientific American and Macmillan, and has held executive-level positions responsible for devising and executing digital strategies that led to significant growth in audience share, revenue and profitability.

At Driver, Michael is responsible for developing and executing a strategy to expand the JustHer Network beyond YouTube, including the re-launch of as a destination site and securing distribution deals with the major portals, media sites, and communities. This increased distribution creates opportunities for our content creators to grow their brand, reach new audiences and realize new revenue streams.

Michael is also available as a resource to you to help answer questions you may have and share best practices with regards to how best to grow your presence outside of YouTube. If you are interested, contact your account manager to set-up a call.